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☑ Try to keep OOC to a minimum. Stay in character as your character, in journals and in action threads. Remember: OOC =/= IC. We can't stress that enough.

☑ AIM or MSN is required. A lot of CR building comes from IM-ing. It's vital to keeping roleplay alive.

☑ Godmodding and infomodding is strictly forbidden. Fourth walling will be left up to the player's discretion. For example, it is up to the Speed Racer player if Bruce Banner can recognize him from his favorite childhood morning cartoon. If in doubt? Ask!

☑ This is a multi-fandom game meaning any and all fictional characters are acceptable. Characters based on real, historical figures are not allowed (For example: Hetalia characters or real celebrities). Exceptions are made rarely and left up to mod discretion.

☑ Any content (sexual, violent, etc.) that you wouldn't want your little sister to see must be put behind a cut, labeled as such with a warning, and locked. Use logic-- if it's anything over R-rated, it must follow these guidelines.

☑ Posts must be tagged! More about that in the FAQ section.

☑ Please specify the type of communication used when posting an entry or comment ([text]/[voice]/[video])-- since everyone is given a cellphone upon entry, the default will be [voice] if not specified.

☑ The game works in real time but the players may make use of backdating and forward dating.

☑ A game hiatus is allowed within reason. It cannot exceed more than one month in time under any circumstance.

☑ The character limit is currently three but if a player is active with all three characters over a span of time, they can apply for up to six characters total.

☑ First person "diary-style" posts go in the main community. Third person "novel-style" posts and threads go in the logs community. Plots, hiatuses, and everything in between go in the OOC community.

☑ The mods are not your parents or the internet police but we firmly frown upon anon-trolling/hate in anon memes and roleplay secrets. Be mature. If you have a problem with a player, take it up with them in their HMD or talk to a mod.

☑ When it comes to disciplinary matters, we do not go by the three strike system. We judge the length of suspension and the overall decisions by each situation. However, each player will be informed of our decisions before the suspension is carried out.

☑ Any plots involving four or more players must be cleared with the mods. Also, any plots involving the deaths of characters OR NPCs must also be cleared with the mods. Please refer to this post.

☑ Unless on hiatus, the minimum activity for a month will be TWO posts per character. This can be met through a post to the network, a post to the logs comm, participation in the logs comm, or a thread in another’s network post that equals ten comments.

☑ If you do not meet this requirement one month, you will need to make three posts the next month. A hiatus will not count during this month and you will still need to make the three posts somehow. If there are special circumstances, please contact a mod.

☑ Questions, comments, or concerns? Email a mod at or refer to this post.
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