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So this is really Reed Richards' fault?
Yes. Are you actually surprised?

I wake up in [ insert one of three locations here ]. What next?
General summaries are in the profile! Post to the network with your phone and hope that someone you know is on the other end of the line.

What is this very fancy cellphone I am given?
About a month ago, the government finally coughed up the dough to help some of these temporally displaced people keep in contact and find their friends and family. No matter where you come in, you have a working cell phone capable of texting, long-distance calls, three-way calls, e-mail, and pictures. If your Iphone can do it, this phone can do it, too. They are NOT normal phones though and are not easily replaceable. The government supplies them, yes, but they also monitor them. Everything that is sent or received by the phones goes up on a public network cache---supposedly to help people find friends from home. Everything is public unless hacked and encrypted. You must be highly proficient with hacking in order to break the system, or get an encryption from someone who is.

What do you mean when you say my post must be tagged?
The phones have GPS trackers in them, so unless specifically disabled (something that must be mod approved), your location will be tagged to your posts. PLEASE INCLUDE THIS as well as your character's tag.

For example, a tagged post from Bruce would look like: Bruce Banner : the Hulk, [ New Mexico ].

Do I have money?
Each character gets a few hundred to live off of for awhile thanks to the good 'ol American taxpayers. They can accumulate more very quickly if they work for the government. You have to be approached by a go-between for that, though. If working for The Man is not your thing, you can always get a real job!

Where do I live?
There is subsidized living for bleed-through people. It's affordable, but there is very little room. Seattle has the nicest facilities, Manhattan has several very old apartment buildings with nice elderly Russian neighbors, and Truth and Consequences has a tent a strip of rent-by-the-week motels. But they have HBO and a mini fridge!

Should I keep my powers a secret?
It is up to you. The feelings on superheroes is very mixed, so you're taking a risk if you go out barefaced. But if heroism is Your Thing, the government will very likely reward you for it. It's just that your neighbor with the shotgun and bucket full of hate might not be as excited about you using your eyelasers for justice. You have the freedom to be a public hero, a vigilante, a police officer, or a short-order cook. It's your sandbox, kids.

Where are the other super heroes?
The government tells everyone they died in battle. There's even a memorial museum in the old Stark Tower in New York. But would you believe them?

What universe is this?
An alternate universe that has not been touched by Chris Claremont or Loeb or Millar any Marvel writer. It's a completely new AU.

Where does the AU diverge from current canon?
1931. Remember that date.

What if I don't have any powers? I am Joe the Plumber!
You are still lumped in with the "heroes" who have been ported in. That means you face the same potential isolation and segregation unless you can cover up the fact you have been imported.

Can I have any of my stuff from home?

Holy crap this is srs biznss. What happens if my character dies?
The funny thing about comics is that nobody ever really stays dead forever. Well, no, sometimes they do, but not really. So, if your character dies (which MUST be approved by the mods!), they are taken out of the game for at least one week. When they come back, their senses will be dramatically dulled and one sense will be gone altogether for a random, mod-appointed time. They will suffer disorientation and power loss for anywhere between a day and a week or two.

How do the microchips work?
No matter where you came in at, you were chipped like the stray you are. If you try to remove it, you will be electrocuted. If you survive that---and it would be difficult to---your identification number will go up as red flagged. You will be wanted. And you will be found eventually.
CHIPS ARE NO LONGER PART OF THE GAME. Imports are tracked by the Bad Guys by their tattoos, though there are no consequences (at least, initially) for leaving your city.

What if I don't want to live in my location? What if my BFFer is in Seattle and I'm in Manhattan? WHY WOULD YOU KEEP US APART?
We can't stand in the way of love. Right now, though, it is difficult and expensive to move. When Manhattan was hit two years ago, a specific train line connecting the three drawpoint cities was put into place. It is a long and spendy trip, but it is the only safe way for the chipped people to travel. If they go outside of their cities by jumping a car or plane, they will lose the signal to their microchip and it will go into "off" mode. You don't want to be electrocuted when you should be getting your in-flight meal. The train has transmitters to keep the microchips active during your trip.

If you can teleport, you're in the clear. The tickets for the train run about $400.00 one-way from Seattle to New York, $270 from Seattle to New Mexico, and $310 from New Mexico to New York. If the government wants you moved from point A to point B, they'll foot the bill for you. Until Tony Stark someone who has a lot of disposable income spends it on alternate transportation for the masses, this is the only way to go.
Characters can now travel freely between cities due to the removal of chips.

My character is from the Marvel universe. Who would they recognize as being natural in this universe?
If your character is one of the ORIGINAL Avengers, the ORIGINAL X-Men, the Invaders or the Fantastic Four, people know who they are and have assumed that they died. But being superpowered, most people will just go with the flow and accept that they are now alive. This is comic-universe. No one ever really stays dead.

Why is Reed Richards always such a tool?
Much like the accreditation of Hank Pym's PHD, it is a mystery.

Say canonically a character can soar at their absolute fastest from Indiana to Egypt in about two minutes or so. Would that affect the microchip thingamahoozit?
Yes. Reaction time for the chips is between 10-30 seconds. So, she could feasibly get from one point to another but probably not in time.

Since AUs are allowed, what are the rules on multiple characters? There's a reserve for Tim Drake/Talon from Earth-3 - is Tim Drake/Red Robin from New Earth still applicable?
For every character there is allowed to be one AU (alternate universe) version of him or her and one OU (original universe) version. So, in this case, that Tim Drake is an AU version. In the game, only an OU version of him is available to be played if that one gets accepted.

Are robotic characters allowed?
It depends on how big the robot is. The cap is 20 feet-- if the robotic character is bigger than that, they won't fit in the transport area. Also, something to keep in mind is if they look distinctly robotic, it will be hard for them to blend in (if that's what they decide they want to do). So TL;DR-- we would prefer the robotic characters to be under 20 feet tall and humanoid.

Could I app the 7th President of the United States...from a parody musical?
We're currently not allowing any historical figures, parody or not (unfortunately)!

What about characters who don't look human?
Characters who don't look human are fine. The only issue is size. The cap is 20 feet in height-- so if they are smaller than that, they are perfectly acceptable to app.

If I were to pick up an AU fanboy/superhero-trivia-master type guy from Marvel canon and AU him a bit, I could feasibly just make up whatever whacky trivia I wanted regarding what other characters did in his AU?
Player-created AUs are your own personal sandbox. If you're going to 4th wall someone from another canon, we ask that you clear it with them first.

So, what's the deal on fourth-walling in terms of "hey guys turn to channel 7 they're showing an episode that flashbacks to my childhood?" TV shows, books, video games, toys, the works—would those still exist when characters from them drop in, or would they have never existed in the first place?

And, since Marvel is more real here, do different rules apply to that franchise?

Yes, your canon is around/available, but it isn't quite your life/the things that actually happened in canon. There's something off about it in some way, so as to ease the brainbreak, and characters who find their canon can go "OKAY BUT THIS ISN'T REALLY HOW THINGS HAPPENED." Think: Your canon written by a bad fic writer. That way, people who want to find out they are fictional can, while others can stay safely in denial.

Since characters can die in game can be resurrected, does that mean characters that are dead in canon can be brought in as well?
Yes! This is perfectly acceptable and actually already in game.

When a person is ported in with an obvious weapon on hand, it will be taken away? (Specifically talking about Seattle.)

The posts people make over the PDAs, are these archived, in that someone can go back a week and read what someone said?

Obvious weapons will be taken from the people brought in. Manhattan gets a full strip-down, Seattle gets a frisking, and ToC doesn't get anything taken at all.

Everything is archived, yes! There may be "info dumps" in the future where the archives are wiped.

Are people informed that they've been chipped right away? Or is it an actual process that they're awake for and so they know about it that way?
People are informed they have been chipped! They are not only for tracking but a scare tactic to keep the imports in line.

So are the identities of this world's Avengers team be publicly known? Can they spend some time in the library and find out who the original team is and all?
Yes! It is public knowledge who the original Avengers, original X-Men, and Fantastic Four were.

What sort of information do the chips provide to 'authorities'? Like, say I app a villain and they go out and do some bad things, like villains do... Would the authorities know immediately or is it just a sort of tracker that shocks you if you happen to leave your designated 'area'?
The chips are fairly rudimentary, as far as information-gathering goes. They are more like glorified tracking collars. It shocks you if you leave your area, but if you are too villainous and leave a trail they may use it to track you down. This is really just a means for the mods to keep IC godmodding down.

How is the matter of languages handled, actually? Is everyone just automatically speaking English, or is it something they'd notice upon entering the world? Or is it more handwaved?
It goes on a case by case basis. The cellphones have a text-translate function, though! You might want to talk to some of your castmates and see how they handle languages since they are from the same world. Most of the Naruto characters tend to at least know some English.

I was thinking of applying as an anti-hero whose normal modus operandi involves brutality and killing, such as Rorschach or the Punisher. Given the world setup, would this type of behavior have a constant negative impact on my character and other imports? I don't want to comprise characterization but I'd also hate to screw up the game for other characters by constantly bringing hell down on the import community.
It depends on how visible this anti-hero and his deeds are to the general public---and if he does his work chiefly in the shadows or in broad daylight. There would be a negative impact, but we'd probably sacrifice a little bit of realistic consequences in favor of allowing a character to be played well and fully. The short of it is that we'd have to see, but we would not constantly kick everyone for one character's continued IC actions.

Are there any antagonists in the city beyond common criminals and capekillers? Are we allowed to create NPC baddies that pose a greater threat than a mugger or drug dealer?
We would rather that larger bad guy NPCs not be controlled by players for reasons of fairness and balance, but the mods do present situational bad guys to be taken down once in a while. But, remember that we have player-played villains who would be more than happy to fill your antagonist needs!

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  • Important Moving info!

    After talking about it and seeing what the consensus was amongst everyone, K and I have decided we are moving the comm to Dreamwidth. Change can…

  • Should we move or not?

    Just a reminder that the Move to Dreamwidth or stay at Livejournal poll is up. K and I are discussing and taking into account what everyone has been…

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